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Marketing Services

Meet Your New Marketing Department

Marketing is essential to the success of your business, but who has time to Make it Happen? Most small to mid-sized business owners do not and with no budget for marketing staff, many business owners struggle to get the attention their business needs.

Our team of professionals offers affordable marketing services that will help your customers find and connect with you.

Do We Have What it Takes?

Combined, the First Up Marketing Services team has over 40 years of experience helping small to mid-sized businesses, as well as Fortune 500 companies, magazines, and non-profit organizations succeed. We have the skills and expertise to turn your ideas into a successful marketing plan and see that plan through from development to implementation, to success. Make us your marketing department, and we will Make it Happen for you.

Services Available

  • Strategic Planning
  • Branding
  • Web Design and Landing Pages
  • On-Page & Local SEO
  • Local Directory Listings & Reputation Monitoring
  • Copywriting & Editing
  • Custom Video
  • Email Marketing
  • Press Releases
  • Print Design
  • More!
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Let’s Build A Solid Marketing Foundation

with the right components in the right place at the right time

The Winning Strategy

The Winning Strategy

We will turn your ideas into a solid business plan and a marketing strategy that keeps you focused and on the road to success.

Branding that Stands Out

Branding that Stands Out

We will make your business noticeable and unforgettable with the right branding for your target audience.

A Website that Works

A Website that Works

We build responsive websites, landing pages and social media profiles that help turn visitors into leads.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Without SEO, your customers may never find you. Our local and on-page SEO strategy gets results.

Local Directory Listings

Local Directory Listings

Our turnkey solution will put your business on the map and in front of your potential customers.

An Effective Online Presence

An Effective Online Presence

We don't stop at the foundation. We use it to build a network that turns leads into customers.

See What Our Customers Have to Say

Basic Marketing Essentials

Everything you do is marketing. Your smile and friendly voice, the way you dress, the business card you hand out, the handshake at the close of the deal…it is all marketing, but what exactly are the most important pieces of the puzzle? You, your high-quality product and your customers.

While you take care of the high-quality product, the smile and the handshake, let us reach out to your customers.

A good marketing solution includes more than just a working website. It starts with a strategy that will get you on track and keep you focused.

It involves getting the right domain name, a hosting package that delivers, a designer and graphics that sell, social media that reaches your specific target audience and email marketing campaigns that get the response you need.

When all that is established and looking fantastic, the race has only begun. How will your customers find you? Will you use SEO or purchase your traffic? Or both? How will you get your business to show up on Google maps?

You will have these questions and many more as you try to navigate your way through the world-wide-web of marketing. Confused already? Our My Market Pro services will get you on track and help you reach your goals.

Branding is more than important.

It’s crucial.

Don’t Settle. Get Style, Color and Imagination.
Web Design

A website is no less important to your business than your ad in the Yellow Pages and the sign on your front door. You need a website.

More so, you need marketing services that do not require you to spend your entire marketing budget on your website.

Let’s start with a stylish, clean, well constructed and responsive website for an affordable price.

Web design by 1st Up Marketing

Get your free consultation.

The First Up Marketing Services team personalizes each project. We get to know our clients and their target audience. Then, we deliver a product designed to appeal to that target audience.

During your free consultation, we will discuss your current situation compared to your business goals and determine where to begin.

You can’t afford to wait.

According to Forbes Magazine, many businesses fail within the first 18 months, but not yours.  (Read more.)

We will help you grow your business by strategically building an online presence that gets noticed…for a very reasonable price.